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Sharon, Vocalights Member

"I have been a member of Vocalights since the very first session and I absolutely love it! I have always enjoyed singing but as an adult had never found anywhere that felt so comfortable and friendly as Claire’s choir.  The community spirit and the ‘come and try it for free’ approach that Claire offers has encouraged many more members join too. Even though I don’t read music it has not detracted from my contribution or satisfaction of attending and when we perform our concerts it gives us all such a sense of accomplishment.  Being new to the town attending choir has also offered me the chance to make new friends and we often plan socials as a group which are such a highlight in the calendar!"

Amelia, Little Stars Member

"My daughter has been in Little Stars since it began and thoroughly enjoys her singing. Claire has such a lovely way with the little ones, encouraging and praising them whilst being so friendly and approachable. My daughters confidence in performing has sky rocketed and now she is not fazed by singing a solo line or two in front of 100approx people! Thank you Claire."

Jo D, Vocalights Member

"Never sung in a choir before (not even braved karaoke!) but joining the choir last year was the single best and happiest decision I've made in ages. Stress relief and joy all round!"

Lesley, Vocalights Member

"I very much enjoy the Vocalights Choir good company and great songs to sing"

Jo S, Vocalights Member

“I haven't been part of the choir very long but I have been made to feel welcome. It's a fun, lively group, singing uplifting pieces. I always go home feeling energised!""

Rachel, Vocalights Member

"I have always loved ‘secret’ singing but plucked up the courage to try the taster session 3 years ago, from that day I was hooked!
I was made so welcome and put at ease immediately, the passion for music and singing within the choir is infectious. Claire has endless patience, her skill and professionalism drive us and give us confidence to perform on stage, the fact that most of us can’t read music doesn’t matter.  I have made some great lasting friendships and our choir ‘socials’ are not to missed. Choir is definitely the highlight of my week, I leave every week feeling uplifted and wanting more!"

Neve, Little Stars Member

"Neve joined Little Stars back in 2016. When she first started she was very shy about singing in front of others. Since then her confidence has grown hugely and she is now happy to sing solos. Claire and Andy do a fantastic job at keeping it fun whilst also teaching them brilliant techniques."

Clare, Vocalights Member

“I have been in Vocalights for over two years and enjoyed it very much, especially the friends I have made being fairly new in town! 
We do a mix of songs and Claire is the most amazing teacher, we all have so much fun! But also manage a few concerts on the way plus a lovely social vibe....I last sang at school but this is a great thing to do in mature years....highly recommend you come along and try it out, I bet you stay!"

Jo, Blue Notes Parent

“Fantastic Choir. Claire is a brilliant and kind teacher who has created a beautiful group of singers. Always proud to watch them.”



Choir Venue

Aylsham Parish Church, Aylsham, Norwich, UK

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