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Little Stars is for the aspiring younger singer! It is aimed at children who love singing and want to explore simple harmonies, discover new styles of singing, and make friends. Little Stars take to the stage twice a year in our Summer and Christmas concerts, where they can dress up to the nine's and really experience what its like to sing in a youth choir, on a stage and in the lights, and feel the beautiful buzz of performing! It is a great confidence builder for lots of our singers. There is absolutely no requirement for previous singing experience necessary, and no audition either, but we do ask that they have a keen interest in singing and music. If this sounds like something your little one would enjoy, let them come along and sing with us! See below for timings and further information.


Little Stars
Kids Choir

Founded in 2015 by Claire Devitt (Lawrence), Little Stars Choir is committed to inspiring and enlightening young children in becoming confident singers and performers. The choir sings all sorts of fun and engaging songs every week, including pop, jazz, show tunes and much more! It also gives them a chance to socialise and make friends too! The children are exposed to some very simple sight-reading when learning the songs, or instead are given lyric sheets to learn the words, but absolutely no previous experience is necessary for this. We also provide a demo CD for them to take home at the beginning of each term so they can start learning the songs and grow confident in singing them in sessions and, eventually, on the  stage! We perform twice a year in our Summer and Christmas concerts (with our sister choirs Blue Notes (aged 11-16 years) and Vocalights (our community adult choir), alongside singing in venues around Norfolk, when we go carolling at Christmas, or at summer events.

When and where do you rehearse?

Sessions occur every week on a Thursday evening (term time only) at 5.15 - 6pm at Aylsham Parish Church.

How much does it cost?

Your child's first visit will be a complimentary session to see how they find the choir and if they'd like to continue. If they would, that's fab! Sessions are £4.50 a week, paid upfront as a lump sum on a half termly basis. At the beginning of each term we ask for a small donation (approx. £2-£3) to cover the cost of any printing of music for the children's music booklets, or making demo CD's for them to use at home and for practice.
Why not sign up today and give your child a confidence boosting, enjoyable singing experience! 

How often do you perform?
We perform two big concerts a year where we raise funds for charity. These concerts often take place at Aylsham Parish Church where we rehearse. The children spend the term leading up to the Summer or Christmas concerts learning music, and can also add some actions or movement to songs, and the best part is they get to explore their creativity and voice at the same time! The performances are a great chance for the children to boost their confidence.

What will my child gain from joining Little Stars Choir?

Choir in general is the new, up and coming place to express yourself, enhance your health levels, relieve stress and worries, make friends, and so on. This also applies to our younger generation too, so why not let them experience a boost to their confidence, learn healthy singing techniques, dabble in a little bit of simple sight-reading, make friends, and express themselves through performance? The list of benefits of singing in a choir is very long! Our main focus here at Little Stars is communal singing, and getting the children of our community trying something new, coming together and focussing on a fun, relaxed and rewarding experience every week making music together!

For any further questions, get in touch on our Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you very soon!



Choir Venue

Aylsham Parish Church, Aylsham, Norwich, UK

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